Will create a new channel in an existing group. Can only be used by the admin of a group

How to use?

let res = await orbis.createChannel(
      pfp: "https://...",
      name: "Orbis Community",
      description: "Official place to discuss Orbis related stuff."


  • group_id: ID of the group in which this channel should be
  • content: JSON object that contains the details of the channel
  • group_id: string ID of the group this channel is part of
  • name: string Name of the channel
  • description: string Description of the channel
  • type: string Display type for the channel, can be:
  • chat: If the channel should be displayed as a group chat like Discord
  • feed: If the posts shared are longer with comments and threads
  • encryptionRules: object optional A JSON object containing the optional encryption rules for this channel. Those rules must then be passed as a parameter to the createPost function.
  • type: string The type of encryption needed, only token-gated is supported for now.
  • chain: string The chain on which the smart contract is. Must be one of those in lowercase
  • contractType: string The type of contract being used, must be ERC20, ERC721 or ERC1155.
  • contractAddress: string The address of the contract.
  • minTokenBalance: string The minimum balance required to decrypt the post (in WEI for ERC20).
  • tokenId: string optional Used only for ERC1155 tokens to represent the tokenId used.
  • data: string optional Can be used to attach some custom data to a channel


    status: 200,
    doc: "kjzl6cwe1...e4wvxhiqj",
    result: "Success creating TileDocument."

Next steps

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