Use our SDK to build decentralized social experiences

Social Feeds

Integrate a decentralized social feed and timeline in your application.

Private Messaging

Add an encrypted messaging system in your application with just a few lines of code.

Profiles & Followers

Use advanced user profiles in your application. Add a ‘follow’ feature to enable strong interactions between your users.

Commenting system

Increase user interaction in your application with a decentralized and composable commenting system.

It’s even easier with Orbis’s open-source modules

Fork our repositories or integrate our open-source modules for the easiest way to start with Orbis.

Discord-like Group

Set up your own decentralized Discord-like communication platform with token-gating features.


Embed a decentralized chatbox module.

Questions about Orbis Protocol? Ask us.

The Orbis team is happy to answer your questions or advise you on your integration.

Your message will be encrypted and sent using the Orbis Protocol.