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npm i @orbisclub/orbis-sdk

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Data Ownership

Easy to build on


We make it easy to add social features to your application

Social Feeds

Integrate a decentralized social feed and timeline in your application.

Private Messaging

Add an encrypted messaging system in your application with just a few lines of code.

Profiles & Followers

Use advanced user profiles in your application. Add a ‘follow’ feature to enable strong interactions between your users.

Commenting system

Increase user interaction in your application with a decentralized and composable commenting system.

How the Orbis web3 social protocol works

Orbis Protocol is a set of social data models combined with a powerful decentralized infrastructure. Our advanced SDK and flexible modules make it easy to build fully composable, social experiences.

How Orbis web3 Social Protocol works

Use Orbis with your preferred blockchain

Orbis is a multi-chain social protocol and is able to support any blockchain.
If your preferred chain is not currently listed, contact us

Coming soon
Coming soon

These web3 developers are building with Orbis Protocol:


In development


In development


Mindblowon Universe



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Your message will be encrypted and sent using the Orbis Protocol.